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             Rising Flame Canadians is our new project involving our two mares Ylacey and Pheonix, we were first introduced to these incredible little iron horses by our long time farrier and family friend Gilbert Roy at a cattle clinic, needless to say it was love at first site, and when he offered to sell us that smart spunky black mare we couldn't say no as the bond started to form from the first moments in the round pen when we officially meet, and so we were thrust into the world to learn about the National horse of Canada.

          And while our time with Nisa was cut short by tragedy after only a year leaving so many dreams left undone, including our hopes to breed her in order to continue her bloodline in this already critically threatened horse.

             By the oddest chance our next Canadian sauntered into our lives, even though  we weren't sure if we were ready Lacey came up for sale and after asking just some casual questions to  learn more about this little mare, we found ourselves buying her, and the first stop for her was to our now trainer Gilbert before we even meet, and the moment we did get to meet I found that somehow I had ended up with the horse I needed after everything that had happened, something I hadn't expected, and a little while after we got Lacey home we found Phe, and while she needed a bit of work to get over being stuck up and is more shy then Lacey she's coming around to be a wonderfully sensitive mare.

              Both of these girls will be our trail horses, working horses, driving horses and will also help us to continue this special Canadian breed, our own little iron horses in their foals in the years to come, but most of all they are our cherished herd.