Gold Fox Acres

Home of Miniature Monsters Petting Zoo


Lacey is our beautiful little Canadian mare, she's about 15.4 hands high and is typical of a Canadian horse, inquisitive, fearless and always willing to try anything put in front of her.

Phe is another of our Canadian mares, she's only a bit smaller then Lacey but is actually a bit more on the stocky side.


Blue is our horse of a different color, he's a blue roan Quarter horse who changes his color with the season in the winter he's dark and then goes light in the spring....only to go dark again in the summer. It's good for a laugh and makes people wonder who the new horse is until they get used to him.

Lil' Joe

Lil Joe is a miniature horse who we adopted from a rescue, along with his buddy Azure. Of the two Joe is the most shy of the two minis, he's a total sweetheart once you get past his standoffishness, he's come a long way in time we've had him and we hope to take him even further with getting him and Azure driving and doing horse agility.



Jasper & Casper

Jasper and Casper are our miniature donkeys, their only about a month apart in ages so have never been apart and never will be, some of their favorite things to do are go for hikes in the back 20 acres of the property, and now that they are bigger and ready to gelded we'll be working on doing longer hikes as well as teaching them to drive and do some agility.