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1st entry- will this snow end so i can start spring

Posted on March 2, 2017 at 7:15 PM Comments comments (0)
So now that I've created this blog I figured I may as well start using it to capture some of the stories we experience around here on the farm. After all there is nothing more entertaining than our much loved animals, whether it's the excitement of new arrivals, or the antics of the babies as they grow. Currently we're waiting -impatiently- for spring to arrive....right now we'll settle just for the snow to actually stop falling lol. Until that happens we've been concentrating our efforts on indoor projects such as the new breeding pens for our chickens and fixing up our rabbits winter housing, the next project will be getting our goats kidding stalls ready cause they start being due this month....YAY! New challenge will be deciding on what name theme to use for the babies this year, so far the ideas are LOTR theme, How to train your dragon theme or we really have no idea, I guess we'll find out this month when our first 3 does are due. Here's hoping to nice healthy babies. I think we're aiming for April next year lol. But til the adorable baby pics show up here's our new winter rabbit set up.