Gold Fox Acres

Home of Miniature Monsters Petting Zoo

About Us

Gold Fox Acres is a working family run hobby farm, and from that we decided to share our love and pride for the animals we raise with others through our weekend petting zoo.

In September 2009 we decided we wanted a change from living in the city and bought our first farm on the coast, and so Gold Fox Acres was born. For a while we ran a horse boarding, eventually that evolved into a working, family run hobby farm, and then we took some of our animals to do a petting zoo. That was the start of Miniature Monsters, from there we began our love for miniature livestock, and our desire to share our animals with others.

In 2014 our lives changed and we decided another change was needed, this lead to the biggest move from the coast to in interior and our new home of Lumby, BC.
Strange to think that we started out living on 1/2 an acre, where we had the normal cats, dogs, a few pet rabbits and even some backyard chickens. From there we went to 4.6 acres and learning about sheep, goats, llamas, all the different kinds of birds.
Now finally here in Lumby, we've found a slice of paradise on our 28 acres where we get to watch deer cross through the fields or nibble at the apple tree, stare up at brilliant starry skies and watch our animals play.

Why us?

We genuinely care about our animals, and firmly believe that animals bring joy to everyone young or old

There is never a dull moment on our farm, whether it be baby animals being born, the antics of our hooved pets as they kick up their heels, OR the mysterious frog who shows up in the kitchen sink in the Spring

Our aim is for you and yours to enjoy your experience

We are willing to work with you to make your experience unique and special

We are also a working farm as such we often have animals for sale so be sure to check our Sales page

What's happening on the Farm!

Petting Zoo

We have our farm open to the public from Easter (weather permitting) to Halloween on Sundays from 10am-1am and after a nice rest for the animals (and humans) we are open again from 3pm-6pm.

Farm Visits:
$10/family of four (2 adults + 2 kids)

Goat Walks

Have you ever walked a goat?

Join us on Saturdays to walk through our 28 acres of bush accompanied by a selection of our leash trained goats while they nibble on the under brush and enjoy the cool shade of the trees, and if lucky catch a glimpse of the resident white tail deer who freely visit the property.

Walks are $5/person and take place at 2pm on Saturdays and last about 30-45 mins depending on how the goats feel.

please wear appropriate foot wear as we will be moving through the bush.

We are hoping in the future to add our beloved llamas and alpacas to our walks so look forward to more information in 2020!!

Goat Yoga

At This Time we are looking for a yoga instructor to teach goat yoga in Lumby!!